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As we are so concerned about the quality, We have implemented it in our EasyNAAC tools also.EasyNAAC  is easy to use with a lot of unique features.

EasyNAAC unique features that helps you build your NAAC Accreditation.

Secure Data

Data is secured complete and can only be managed by assigned users.

Easy Data Collection

Data is collected and sorted finely by our EasyNAAC Tool without any mess.

Dynamic Report

Reports are generated in Quick time and can be Easily sent for NAAC Accreditation process.

Data backup and Restore

Data can be backed up and restoredat any time.

Low Cost and Economical

EasyNAAC is very economical and offering at low cost that everybody can afford. Best price in the industry.

Easy Report

Reports can be downloaded in printable format Easily with desired formats in quick time (Ecxel,CSV,PDF Etc.).

Full Data Control

Full control over data Enable/disable data entry club management.

Easy Use

Our User interface is easy to use,dynamic ande attractive in looks.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide support to the clients and ease their accreditation process using our very secured and safe ,Easiest tools that anybody can manage.

Our partners

The best institutions have already partnered with us to improve their grades.With EasyNAAC , it have seen a quick increase in their leads.

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